Characters and Places from the past
.....memories of my youth !!
Recently, I had occasion to be speaking and thinking of some Characters of Old Meg. Sadly my memory was not as polished as I would have liked it to be !!

I had sort of always thought that the Byers Family had an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the old Meggites. My Brothers and Sister and I can generally dredge information about such folk. (Sometimes I call on John Andrews and the Gray Man for support)

Recently, it has come home to me with a bump that the really most knowledgable member of the Byers Clan is no longer with us. I am refering to our mam (she died last year). For many years, I thought of her as a very quiet private "keep herself to herself" sort of person. BUT over the last ten or fifteen years, I realised that she hadnt missed much of what went on in old Meg. She often corrected me when I was rabbiting on about Meg and its doings.

It has made me think that our history is being lost !! - AND - I dont like that one teeny little bit !!!!!

So I decided to try and do summat about it !!

I have created a database about 'Characters of old Meg'. It contains Names/Nicknames and anecdotes about folks that fit into that classification.

Please read, enjoy and remember !!
Contribute where you can !!